Help your attendees get the most from your event.

Give them the right resources - instantly

During the event (or before) you or a moderator can add helpful notes, products, documents and pictures that are important for your event.

Let them have a voice

A basic account lets you get feedback from your audience. During a scheduled KiwiLive event, you can add polls or short answer questions easily.

Help them network better*

Attendees can easily see who else is in the room. They can connect with people during or after the event.
*Networking functionality only available by request.

Let them save the experience

Each attendee who goes to and enters your keyword will take away a personal record of the event experience. KiwiLive will keep track of the people they connect with and the content they highlight.

$19/month for an account. Then add events whenever you need extra functionality.

  • You pay each month. Cancel anytime.
  • $19 / month
  • Capture leads
    Trade resources like documents and pictures for audience contact information.
  • Give your audience the info they need
    Audience members can download your documents immediately on their mobile device or after they get back to their computer.
  • Get audience insight
    Add custom questions that audience can answer before they get your resources.
  • Brand exposure
    Your audience gets your contact info and social media info for easy follow-up.
  • No limit on audience size
    Use it as much as you want. Whenever you want.
  • Enhance your account when you need extra features.
  • Priced by audience size
  • $39 /event
    Up to 50 people
    $199 /event
    Up to 400 people
    $349 /event
    Up to 1000 people
  • Real time interaction
    Live polling is a snap. Take questions/comments from the audience in real time. Deliver items exactly when you want the audience to see them.
  • Don't worry about changing your items between events.
    Schedule events ahead of time with unique sets of resources.
  • Event engagement metrics
    Measure and improve your audience engagement by seeing exactly how people at each event engaged with your items.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I try out KiwiLive?

KiwiLive accounts are free for 30 days. So go ahead and sign up for one. When you go to create an event, you'll have the option of creating a test event. A test event is also totally free and can support just a few participants. It's great for testing!

What does the audience size for each event actually mean?

It's the number of unique devices that you want to be able to view your event. Basically, KiwiLive needs to know about how many audience members to expect on the system. We'll have to send you or your audience members a warning if you go very far over the number for your event type. Don't worry, there's a little grace built in.

When am I actually charged?

If you register your account, you'll be charged $19 per month - that keeps your account open and lets you use your profile to do basic lead capture. Then, if you schedule events, you'll be charged when your event actually begins.

What if I cancel my event?

Aww, that's a bummer. But don't worry about KiwiLive. If you delete your event before it starts, you won't be charged.

What if I need to change the event capacity later?

That's totally fine. KiwiLive will let you change your event settings all the way up until start time. At start time, we'll bill you based on your final choices.