Introducing Kiwi events

Interact with your audience in real time.

Events are extremely powerful moments in your life and the life of your audience members. now lets you leverage the power of your live events in a totally new way. Check out the 1 minute video below to see how it works. Then imagine the possibilities.

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What can you do with Kiwi events?

Frequently Asked Q's

How do I try out Kiwi events at my next event?

Events currently requires approval from the KiwiLive team to add it to your account. That's because we're still testing it and we want to help you set it up especially for your event. So just email us ( and we'll get you rocking and rolling.

How can Kiwi events help me?

Events is amazing at breaking down the wall at your event. Your audience can feel more connected to you than ever because you're interacting with them in real time. And by saving whatever items they choose from your event, each audience member gets to create their own unique experience that they can take with them. It's a beautiful thing.

So this happens during the event?

Usually. The real time functionality of Kiwi events is amazing if used in...real time. But if you want to share items after the event so that people can peruse them at their leisure, you can do that too.

How does events know what to give to the audience and when to give it?

Before an event begins, you make up an event outline, or path, with items (notes, files, polls, etc.) that you definitely want to share. When you get to the appropriate time in your event, simply click a button or swipe on your device to send them to the audience immediately.

We've created a simple mobile interface to make delivering items to your audience easy. But you always have the option of involving a friend to deliver items at the right time. That can be helpful if you need 100% concentration on your stage presentation.

How will this effect the live event experience for my audience?

We think Kiwi events will enhance the live event experience, but at the same time, we don't want people looking at their phones all the time! Our web design is no match for your presence at a live event. That's why we've made everything that can get delivered to an audience nice and quick for them to digest. You'll still want to think about and pick the best times to deliver items. Feel free to ask us for help!

Are there limits to how many people can take part in an event? How many events I can have? How many things I can deliver to the audience? Something else limiting?

There will likely be limits only on the number of people that can be interacting with an event at one time. We're still finalizing the pricing model for Kiwi events.

Will I still collect information from my audience members?

Good question. An audience member won't have to provide their contact info to engage with an event. But if they'd like to save one of your notes or documents, you'll have the option to ask for their info. After all, they showed interest in your valuable stuff!

Can I use this for a webinar or for people that aren't in the room?

Absolutely. All they need is your keyword. The possibilities are endless and we can't wait to see what you do with Kiwi events!

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