KiwiLive is used by speakers, teachers, presenters, associations and events to communicate digitally with their attendees.

Attendees can begin using KiwiLive in seconds. There is no app to download - just open and type in the event keyword.

KiwiLive for Attendees

Are you an attendee? Click the buttons below to see how you'll experience KiwiLive at an event.

  • During the event, go to

    Enter the event's keyword and click 'JOIN EVENT'

  • You're in

    For your event, you'll see:
    pdfs and mp3s
    feedback boxes
    product offerings

  • That was easy!

    You get a voice at the event and a record of the event items that you saved!

Event owners

Presenter or event owner? Click the buttons below to see how you'll prepare and use KiwiLive for an event.

  • Prepare some items for your event

    You can add notes, presentations from the speaker, polling questions, and even product recommendations.

  • Direct the audience to

    During the event, tell the audience to go to and enter your event's keyword for a whole new level of engagement.

  • Audience members can interact with any item you add to the event

    You can even add items in realtime while the event progresses.

    They'll each get a report of the event including any items they saved.

  • Project results for great engagement

    Audiences love seeing the live feed of your event.

  • That was easy!

    You'll walk away from the event with:
    email addresses of your biggest fans
    real engagement data
    great feedback
    increased product sales and follow ups

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