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For presenters

Add interactivity to your presentation. Live polling. Check. Audience question/comment submission. Check. Trading eBooks or slides for email addresses. That's our sweet spot.

For entertainers

Signup sheets at the merch table simply don't work. Use KIWILIVE from stage to give out a free mp3 in exchange for a fan's email address. And why not let fans vote on an encore song while they're at it.

For candidates

So you're talking to your constituents. Are you listening to them too? Use KIWILIVE during a speech to capture questions and comments from the audience. Drop in a giveaway about your stance on a particular topic. You'll walk off stage with the names and email addresses of your biggest fans.

For churches

When's the last time you heard from your congregation? Why not ask for the biggest takeaways or questions from a sermon. Then follow up throughout the week. Your attendees will love having a voice.

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