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During the event.

Your KiwiLive keyword is your key to event interaction. You'll be able to access items as soon as the event makes them available.

Interactive content

Real time polling and short answer questions from your event.

Important resources

Notes, products, and files from your event. Super easy to save.

Network better

Easily see who's in the room. Connect and link up with them using KiwiLive.

Personal event record

As you interact, we'll build a record of the content, connections, and actions you value from your event. It's so easy to review.

After the event.

Once you've checked in to an event, you can always go back and review it.



Easily browse through the content from your event. Refresh your memory about who spoke, what they said, and what the big takeaways were.


It's never too late to form a new connection if your event uses KiwiLive for networking! You can see who else checked in to the event and request their contact information to build important relationships.

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